WTF is Your Software Team Actually Working On?
Business is business
Business existed before computers and thrives when they solve problems.
Software is powerful
Software can be transformative with its power to help businesses solve problems.
Business context is paramount
Technology has gotten so complex we seem to make business decisions for technology instead of making technology decisions for business.
We are here to focus YOUR software on YOUR business.
Key to Success
Failure Recognition + Accountability = PROGRESS
Now this is not a new equation. As the head of an organization or department, you know this can be applied to just about any part of your business. The trick is, can you apply it to your technology team?
The key to our success is our ability to freely travel the distance that exists between the business people who understand the problems and the engineers who know how to develop the solution. We make progress by removing the gaps where needed and building bridges that both sides can travel when necessary.
All Together Now
Just like in every business, the tools we employ in the software business are important. But there's more to it than choosing the right tools. You need the right methodology for prioritizing, building and maintaining software.
That's where we excel. Our methodology includes the people and processes from both the business and technical teams. This enables us to evolve software through proper balance between prediction and reaction - and allows everyone to spend less time deciding and more time solving problems.
That Work
At Rx2i, we understand that applying software to business is harder than it should be.
In fact, we pride ourselves in turning the software development process into an art.
Here are a few ways we can help...
Technology Turnaround
Your problem:
Your existing software solutions and process run by your internal team is not yielding the results you want.
Our solution:
We work with your development team to identify weak spots in your processes and provide you with a road map to better results.
Managed Applications
Your problem:
You need an enterprise-level application or service tailored to meet your business's unique needs quickly, but you don't have the staff or bandwidth to get it done.
Our solution:
We work with your business team to design and develop exactly what you need. We continue to monitor and maintain your application and extend its functionality when you are ready.
OnShore Development
Your problem:
Having an on-site software development team has not proven as efficient as you had hoped and has taken too much of your focus off your core business.
Our solution:
We take the burden off your plate by replacing your internal team and designing, developing and managing custom software as an external partner.
Whether we work with your development team or we become your development team, we are focused on one thing:
Let's get started