Get Your
Priority list?
We don’t need no stinkin’ priority list.
Without clear, communicated priorities who is steering the ship?
The first thing we look at when we begin working with our clients is the priority list that guides the software team’s efforts. Often when we ask for it, we’re met with raised eyebrows and questioned on why we need it. Or, we’re told it’s not up to date and irrelevant.
Why is your priority list so vital? It’s the compass that guides your resources on what is most important to your success. Not only do you need a priority list, you need to review and update it regularly. In our view, a business without an up-to-date priority list is floating aimlessly.
This is a
systems project,
it does not need to be on the priority list.
Is your software team working on
solving your business problem?
Are they perpetually building better
tools to solve your problems?
Yes, everything your software team is working on needs to be on the priority list. In order to effectively lead, the business needs total visibility into how resources are being used. If there is a systems project that needs to be done, its business impact needs to be estimated, tracked and reviewed like any other project. Without a complete priority list, the business can’t ensure it is guiding the software team properly.
Only the software leadership has
proper perspective
to set priorities
Are they business priorities
or software priorities?
Who died and made the
software leadership boss?
In some organizations, we find that the priorities are either set or heavily influenced by the software team leadership without the proper checks and balances. Why is this wrong? Only the business leadership has the big-picture vision to determine and execute strategy across the organization. And ultimately, they have to fund everything and are accountable. So they should be responsible for gathering all the pertinent information, setting the priorities and guiding resources on all projects in every department, including software.
Make a priority list and keep it up to date.
Get everything on the priority list,
including the systems projects.
Ensure the priorities are set
by the business leadership.
If you struggle with managing your priorities, we can help. Through our Technology Turnaround service, we will review your current processes and build a roadmap to a more effective software development process. As additional support, we offer world-class solutions via our Managed Applications product. For complete support, we can become your software development team through our Onshore Development services.
Whether we work with your development team or we become your development team, we are focused on one thing:
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