WTF is your team
working on?
Let’s get to the
If I asked you to show me your priority list, could you show me an up-to-date list aligned with your strategic initiatives? How about the priority list the software team works from - is it the same one you have? Is it aligned with your priority list?
If you have both of those, how about you walk over to your developers and ask what they are working on right now? Would that line up with your initiatives?
If you answered yes to all of that, congratulations! Please stop reading... we have wasted enough of your time. If you answered no, don’t worry, you are not a part of some exclusive group. You are just like most businesses today, over promised by a software team that under delivers.
So the developers are out to get me?
Don’t get us wrong, you don’t have a bunch of ill-intentioned developers trying to sink your business. What you may have is well-intentioned developers that are wasting a large amount of your capital, both in actual dollars and in lost opportunities, by inadvertently misleading you and working against your strategic goals.
It is still about leadership
The biggest reason this happens is lack of leadership. Business needs to lead technology — it is that simple. We know that leading in the technology world is not easy. Your best help is often from the software developers who are great at dealing with the complexities of developing software, but not necessarily great at understanding the complex world of business. We lead with people that put the business first and take a pragmatic approach to solving business problems with technology.
In our experience, the first step is to "Get your Priorities Straight" read more here.
Time to take
If you are tired of the runaround, we can help. Through our Technology Turnaround service, we will review your current processes and build a roadmap to a more effective software development process. As additional support, we offer world-class solutions via our Managed Applications product. Or, for complete support, we can become your software development team through our Onshore Development services.
Whether we work with your development team or we become your development team, we are focused on one thing:
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